Find businesses that align with your values, so you can feel better about where your spent money is going.

Since we're brand new, most listings are focused on the Milwaukee area and online. Contact us with suggestions or requests for MKE or other locations you'd like us to cover!

About Spend Better

Spend Better was founded on the idea that it would be nice to easily find businesses and products that are more deserving of your spent dollars than huge corporations. If you've ever wished you could find a product similar to one on Amazon but at a small or local retailer, Spend Better is that place.

Founded and run by husband-and-wife team Aken & Victoria Roberts, who live in a suburb near Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Aken is an experienced software engineer. Victoria has worked at and helped run her family's Chinese restaurant, giving her intimate insight into the benefits offered by local small businesses.

Aken and Victoria standing next to each other outside, smiling.